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Where does your company's leadership gender gap begin?

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Leaders @ Every Level™

Leading Women develops business leaders, not just people managers. Our best in class leadership development programs are tightly aligned to our client's business strategy. They are delivered live, virtually online or in combination enabling you to deliver globally with a local feel. The content for each program is tailored to leverage leadership skills and career enablers specific to a career stage from career-start to the C-suite. AND draws on our research into career enablers and barriers for women.

Breakthrough to Executive Leadership™

Also called Leadership Mastery™, the cohort of high potential senior managers in this program strengthen their strategic and financial acumen enabling them to be seen in succession conversations as viable candidates for executive positions. Other career enablers covered include:

  • Strengthening the ability to engage and align others as you initiate and lead change.
  • Assessing fit for a top position.
  • Developing a plan for level-appropriate external strategic relationships.

"Our board of directors recently voted to make me an officer. I attribute part of this great honor to the tremendous training and <the> Leadership Mastery program...A sincere thank you!" JR, Insurance Executive

Executive Prep for Multicultural Women™

In addition to our core leadership content for middle managers, this program provides women of color (often holding the lowest % of leadership positions) with actionable strategies for navigating additional unique challenges they face. Among the career enablers addressed at this level are:

  • Closing The Missing 33%™ by demonstrating strategic and financial acumen
  • Honing an executive brand – addressing women’s need for “gravitas” and a style that is comfortable for executives, the board and other stakeholders
  • Cultivation of sponsors

Amplify Your Leadership Skills™

Positions middle managers for high performance as business leaders as well as people leaders. Absolutely essential for moving into higher levels, this business focus ensures that participants are seen as having the business savvy needed for advancement. Among the career enablers addressed at this level are:

  • Closing The Missing 33%™ by demonstrating business acumen
  • Putting an emphasis on excellence not perfection
  • Obtaining PIE Mentoring™
  • Using the Language of Power™ to align (not merely engage) her team
  • Skills for Self-Promotion with Grace and Authenticity™
  • Cultivating a Leadership Brand

Ready, Set, LEAD!™

Lays the foundation for future leadership success by providing key tools and knowledge for making the transition from individual contributor to manager of individuals. Among the career enablers addressed at this level are:

  • Assertive communication – especially related to delegating work
  • Developing a career-oriented brand
  • Ability to connect the team’s work to the business of the organization

Cutting Edge Assessments

Current leadership assessments do not provide women with the certain essential feedback about the leadership skills required for advancement into senior and executive positions. Leading Women's 2 assessments are grounded in proprietary research - including what women need to hear about gender-related barriers to advancement.

  • Leadership Excellence Assessment™ (LEA) for women in middle management
  • Breakthrough Leadership Assessment™ (BLA) for women at the director level and above

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Over 50 Foundational Skills Programs

Need complementary content, not entire programs? Based on well-researched career enablers and derailers, Leading Women offers over 50 workshops, webinars and speeches on topics such as: 

  • Beyond the ASK! - Winning at Everyday Negotiation
  • Make the Most of Mentoring
  • Executive Prep - Get on Boards!
  • and more...
Breakthrough Leadership Info