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Changing the Mindsets of Managers
Develop Women Leaders @ Every Level
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Comprehensive Initiatives to Close the Gender Gap

Energy North America

Presenting Challenge: The chief diversity officer recognized an opportunity to more strongly align the 3-year diversity and inclusion strategy with the business' strategic plan. In addition, an opportunity to create a level-specific set of behaviors to support the new leadership competence: Champion Inclusion.

Leading Women Solutions: Based on our "Secrets of Strategy™" model for building strategic acumen, Leading Women worked with the D&I team to strengthen the alignment, develop core metrics and an engagement strategy to build executive buy-in for the D&I strategic plan. Together a 3-level accountability model was developed to clarify what it means to "champion inclusion" and how the competence differs by level.

Medical Device North America

Presenting Challenge: With executive support for addressing a stubborn gender gap at the top, this firm launched a task force to develop strategies for increasing the percentages of women in the pipeline for senior positions.

Leading Women Solutions: Working with Leading Women, the task force launched a comprehensive approach including identifying gender bias in talent and performance management systems,  identifying curriculum enhancements, online leadership resources and leadership development curricula for women at every level. It is currently developing a focused cohort development strategy for high potential women.

Telecomm Asia  Australia

Presenting Challenge: Keeping APAC HR professionals engaged in the gender initiative and in support of the company’s program to advance top female talent.

Leading Women Solutions: Create an annual virtual meeting for HR professionals to keep current information on the overall gender initiative and gender dynamics/managers mindsets content, to share successful practices in supporting the company’s stated goals for women’s advancement and to  

Changing the Mindsets of Managers

Construction North America

Presenting Challenge: In this division of a global company, women get on the high potential list one year only to fall off the next. As a result, there are insufficient women moving into senior leadership positions.

Leading Women Solutions: As part of its program for high potential women, our client invited executives and the women's managers to presentations on The Missing 33%™ and the importance of PIE Mentoring™. Both sessions gave the managers insights into the subtle ways that men are often groomed for senior positions, but women aren't. These dynamics help explain the fact that the pipeline of women in the middle is wide but doesn't proportionately propel women to the top. Managers actions to counter this include more coaching of women on the business, stronger asks when offering women key positions, and removing assumptions about women's interest in developmental opportunities.

The leadership development program for the women runs over 7 months, focuses exclusively on skills and knowledge required to move into senior leadership positions, involves live, self-paced and virtual learning modalities.

Gaming Europe North America SouthAmerica

Presenting Challenge: Globally, this gaming company has very few women in senior leadership positions and a population of women motivated to succeed at every level. In order to support their success and in recognition of the fact that managers’ mindsets can create barriers to advancement, the organization sought to identify specific gender dynamics to address around the world.

Leading Women Solutions: To use our proprietary research to tailor, deliver and train facilitators to conduct focus groups of male managers and women in key employee centers around the globe and synthesize the research into an action plan for delivering gender dynamics education to key leadership teams in conjunction with their talent and succession discussions.

Logistics Europe Africa Middle East

Presenting Challenge: (Mindsets) Recognizing that nurturing its high potential women would require regional executives to commit to mentoring, this organization sought preparation for its executives that would go beyond the usual content of mentoring programs and equip its managers to better prepare women for senior leadership roles.

Leading Women Solutions: To prepare the executives for their mentoring engagements, Leading Women conducted an interactive webinar with the CEO and executive team. Topics included: The Missing 33%, Gender Dynamics and Talent Decisions, the importance of PIE Mentoring™ and concrete actions executives can take as mentors and in their talent development activities. 

Telecomm describe the image North America Asia

Presenting Challenge: With a CEO who publicly committed to increasing the women in senior management by 20% by 2015, this client saw the need to educate managers on the ways that gender dynamics impact talent decisions and can negatively impact women’s advancement.

Leading Women Solutions: This client is tackling the challenge of women's advancement by educating all their managers around the globe about gender dynamics that create barriers for women. In many cases they're coupling the education with executive teams' planned talent/succession discussions. Leading Women developed workshops customized to the barriers identified in over 15 countries. They are delivered by internal HR professionals. Wondering how to tackle issues of managers' mindsets?

Develop Women Leaders @ Every Level

Advertising North America

Presenting Challenges: As with many organizations in the advertising industry, this division of a global firm experiences a “glass ceiling” at the point where managers are expected to shift from managing the clients to managing the business.

Leading Women Solutions: In multiple regional offices, Leading Women worked with high potential managers poised to break through to senior positions. The curriculum was designed to provide insights and skills related to business acumen and the leader’s role in driving strategic initiatives and meeting key financial targets.

Advertising North America

Presenting Challenges: With exceedingly small percentages of women and men of color making it to senior management, this firm called on Leading Women to provide their high potential diverse employees with key leadership development.

Leading Women Solutions: Leading Women designed and delivered our proprietary content on leadership, business, strategic and financial acumen. This content provided the foundation for a multi-month mentoring program delivered by Korn Ferry/Global Novations,

Consumer Products North America Asia

Presenting Challenges: Like many organizations, the percentages of women of color in leadership positions has been low. To address the need, the chief diversity officer created a multi-year, multi-faceted program to groom high potential women of color.

Leading Women Solutions: Multi-session education on The Missing 33%™ covering what high potential women of color need to know about leadership, career advancement and mentoring relationships.

Women of color from across Kodak’s global businesses recently took part in a two-day learning conference designed to help build leadership skills and engagement with senior executives. The conference, organized by Kodak’s Global Diversity & Community Affairs, focused on topics including leading for outcomes, making the most of mentoring, business and strategic acumen, and reviews of Kodak businesses.

In addition to the learning sessions, participants took part in an interactive discussion including Phil Faraci, Kodak President and COO; Brad Kruchten, President of Kodak’s Film, Photofinishing and Entertainment Group; Terry Taber, Chief Technical Officer, and Essie Calhoun, Chief Diversity & Community Affairs Officer. The leaders discussed potential business growth areas, advertising and marketing activities, and ways in which the conference participants could develop their business acumen.

Energy North America

Presenting Challenges: A geographically dispersed population of women with little access to leadership development opportunities.

Leading Women Solutions: Over 20 facilitators were licensed to use Leading Women's Self-Managed Solutions to provide a year's worth of customizable leadership development content to every one of their sites around the country.

"This outstanding solution enabled us to potentially reach every woman in our company for what we've previously paid for a day-long program for women in headquarters."

ACJ, Corporate Manager - Diversity

Gaming North America

Presenting Challenge: The client observed that many high potential career-start women resigned or derailed their careers. This highlighted the need to add leadership and career development opportunities for women to its retention strategies. An imbalance in women at the top compared to women at lower levels highlighted the need to strengthen skills that would prepare senior managers to move to the executive level.

Leading Women Solutions: Ready, Set, LEAD - a tailored 4-part emerging leader series that provided foundation skills for leadership development, strategies to avoid behavioral career derailers (e.g. inappropriate dress, behavior at business events, use of IM, etc.) and exposure to the highest level women. For the senior managers, seats at our Leadership Mastery program where they not only learned higher-level leadership skills, but networked with women leaders from around the region.

Insurance North America

Presenting Challenge: AVPs and VPs are regularly placed on non-profit and corporate boards and offered seats at community events. They frequently do not understand or execute the business purpose for those placements.

Leading Women Solutions: Created a workshop to clarify the business purpose of external networking and increase external networking skills.

Insurance North America

Presenting Challenge: As with many of our clients, this organization had an abundance of women in middle management and a disproportionately small number in senior positions.

Leading Women Solutions: High potential women were enrolled in Leading Women's open enrollment programs, Ready, Set, LEAD!; Purpose, Power, Presence and Leadership Mastery. We recently received this unsolicited email reporting on their progress:

"I want to keep you informed of recent promotions which continue to serve as inspiration and confirmation of our work on advancing women leaders here. KL was recently promoted to Project Leader in our IT area.  This is a management role that she had in her sights when she enrolled in your Ready, Set, LEAD! program a few years ago.  

In addition, NB and TW were recently promoted to Directors in our Field Operations area.  They are both graduates of your Leadership Mastery program and will serve as regional directors within our primary line of business operation.

As you know, these promotions accompany MF and AH's promotions to our Senior Management Team and these two are also graduates of your leadership programs. 

I appreciate the partnership we have and the support of Leading Women in our efforts here to ensure our top talent is as diverse as possible."

Logistics Europe Africa Middle East

Presenting Challenge: This division of a major European company has a gender gap slightly larger than other divisions. Its new CEO in EMEA – whose experience in prior companies included leading strong mixed gender executive teams – tasked the regional HR head to develop a program with a very clear goal - to prepare women in middle management to take on country leadership roles.

Leading Women Solutions: To partner with HR to develop a multi-month, multi-intervention leadership development program and to deliver the launch and closing workshops that bookend webinars, mentoring by executives, team projects and other development activities.

Manufacturing North America

Presenting Challenge: President of the internal women's network was designing the annual meeting of SBU network leaders from around the country. Outgoing network president, with succession in mind, wanted to move the programming from a social/support focus to a more business focus.

Leading Women Solutions: Keynote that presented a planning model for taking the network to the next level. Participated in and gathered panelists of leaders of women's networks that were role models for activities with a stronger connection to business needs.

Telecomm North America

Presenting Challenge: With reduced funding due to the challenges of the economy, the strategic leader of this company's women's network wanted to ensure that its quarterly meeting offered high-impact content and broad reach at an economical cost.

Leading Women Solutions: We delivered one-hour Leadership Lessons on Demand™ teleseminars to members around the country. The topics: Adding Value in Today's Economy and Tooting Your Own Horn Without Sounding Off-Key™. Positive feedback arrived within minutes after the end of the call.

"The program was phenomenal. Susan Colantuono was a gem and I’m thankful that <we were> able to secure her as a presenter...Thanks again for a truly inspiring, thought-provoking and educational hour." and "I want to let you know...this was an excellent use of my time and I will definitely be able to use this information."

Telecomm North America Asia

Presenting Challenge: This US-based, top company for executive women was seeking stronger results from its women’s leadership development program.

The D&I and Executive Talent teams were especially focused on accelerating the advancement of high potential women into senior and executive positions.

Their goal: find a vendor whose content for women at that level was more substantive and strongly aligned to its business and leadership model and who could deliver the same substantive and aligned content to top talent at other levels.

Leading Women Solutions: Leading Women tailored 3 of our programs to deliver highly aligned, multi-month and blended learning solutions for:

  • Emerging leaders at the individual contributor and first line supervisor levels
  • Middle managers and
  • Senior managers in their first executive level positions

Ensure Maximum ROI for Your Women’s Network/Initiative

BioTech and Pharma North America

Presenting Challenges: A very active internal women's network run by volunteers needs a year of programming that would be specific to women, but also helpful to the men who are members. A concern over the cost effectiveness and content of its current leadership development resources for high-potential women.

Leading Women Solutions: Eight different 1/2 day programs on topics including The Language of Power, Secrets of Strategy, Power of Mindset, Strategic Networking. Women of the senior leadership team attended our multi-session Leadership Mastery program for their own professional advancement, networking with other senior women from around the region and to evaluate it for other senior leaders.

BioTech and Pharma North America

Presenting Challenges: To fulfill the new strategic goal of enhancing networking skills and strengthening strategic relationships across members of its 700+ internal women's network. An observed career success obstacle that when when getting the call for a promotional or new opportunities, women's first reaction is often "no".  Need for leadership programming for its network.

Leading Women Solutions: Years 1 & 2: customized 6-part series of speakers and and skill development on 9 tools critical to successfully building strategic relationships. Four learning modules on topics including Being Ready When You Get the Call, Creating a Success Mindset and the Language of Power. Year 3: Self-Managed Solutions™ facilitated by Pfizer senior women combined with live workshops taking content and skills to deeper level with on-the-job application.

"Pfizer's Groton/New London Women's Leadership Network (WLN) has worked with Leading Women to strongly align the WLN with the organization's diversity and talent management strategies. Leading Women's live and Self-Managed Solutions™ provide exceptional programming, help us reach hundreds of members and engage senior women - all at a reasonable price point. Leading Women's substantive content is making a difference in the careers of our network members and the credibility of the WLN. "

Debra Hanna, Pfizer Global R & D

Food Services North America

Presenting Challenge: Searching for a way to cap off a year-long mentoring program and provide valuable mid-year content for the new mentors and mentees. Easy to deliver to people in headquarters, but how to reach people spread all over the country?

Leading Women Solutions: Delivered skill building program on mentoring and networking. The first was delivered live at headquarters. The second was delivered live at headquarters and repeated in teleseminar format to over 110 participants nationwide.

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