Champion Women's Initiatives that Work

Leading Women's proven solutions in 3 areas.

They ensure maximum ROI for your women’s initiative/network (IWiN)

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"I am proud of the outcomes we have achieved in partnership with Leading Women and proud of the impact we have had on the advancement women. I am very excited to take the network to the next level in the coming 2 years."
FORTUNE 50 IWiN Leader


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From Affinity to Beyond

BloombergBusinessweek has reported that,

“Corporate women’s networks frequently get a bad rap – for good reason. The groups frequently toil on the fringes, hosting ‘lunch and learns’ and book clubs that rarely provide the skills or exposure women need to rise in the ranks….Networks are cheap, usually relying on female volunteers...may become little more than social gatherings, and have trouble attracting heavy hitters.”

If your IWiN is mired in affinity-related activities it will fail the:

  • Organization because the ROI is low.
  • Volunteer leaders who miss opportunities for important skill development and are associated with low-value activities.
  • Constituent women who don’t receive high-value career-building resources.

Champion Initiatives that Work!

By working with Leading Women, IWiNs avoid the risks of “toiling at the fringes” and companies reap the benefits of:

  • Higher ROI to the business.
  • More efficient planning.
  • Embedded learning to support volunteer and constituent advancement.
  • Embedded learning to drive future planning.


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