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Leading Women Experts Share Their Favorite Mentoring Moments


In honor of National Mentoring Month, we asked a few of our own Leading Women experts to share a favorite mentoring moment. Not surprisingly, they confirmed what we’ve known all along, that when women learn business, strategic and financial acumen, they thrive. If you don’t currently have a mentor, January is a great month to find one. #NaMeMo

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Actions for Allies: Addressing Fears of #MeToo Overreach


"If I'm in my office alone with a woman, she might file charges against me."

"I don't dare take a protege out for lunch, she might accuse me."

"Now I can't compliment a woman or shake her hand without being taken to court!"

These are comments we hear when working with managers on closing the leadership gender gap. The comments are especially prevalent when we talk about the importance of mentoring women. And we aren't alone. Articles from the worlds of law, finance and beyond, publicize men's fears and the #MeToo backlash.

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Male Allies in STEM: How to Recognize Them & How to Become One


This blog is a departure in this way. Because it is a capstone for one of our Reverse Mentoring programs, it is a compilation of articles written by women and men on what it takes to be a great male ally for women in STEM. And rather than focus on who male allies are, the positions they hold or an academic definition of the term "male ally," here we focus on what male allies (and others) do to support the creation of level playing fields for women (especially those in STEM).

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National Mentoring Month - Why Mentoring Matters to Women

January is National Mentoring Month (#NaMeMo) in the United States, and while the month originally focused on mentoring youth, it has now grown to include all forms of mentoring. For us at Leading Women, our research has found that mentoring women is not only good for the women being mentored, but other women in the pipeline and their company's bottom line. 

Order Make the Most of Mentoring

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Make the Most of Mentoring

Order Make the Most of MentoringCapitalize on Mentoring and Take Your Career to the Next Level

Buy the Book

Make the Most of Mentoring is the most important book written on the subject since the advice "get a mentor” was first given to women interested in building their careers.

Susan Colantuono's eye-opening new book sheds light on why formal mentoring programs haven't delivered better results for women. Its unique and refreshing content is written for mentors, protégés and professionals who run corporate mentoring programs.

Insightful and rich with advice, Make the Most of Mentoring delivers unconventional guidance on how to tap into the power of this valuable career tool, optimize your time invested and reap high-impact benefits. You’ll find valuable tools including:

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Why Mentoring Matters to Women

In the U.S. January is national mentoring month. While the month focuses on mentoring youth, we want to focus on mentoring women at levels from emerging to senior. There are two major reasons.

Mentoring Goldfish.jpg

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Gender Dynamics: The Culture of Mentorship

PIE MentoringWe work hard with clients to engage managers and executives in actions to close the leadership gender gap. During one of our multi-month leadership programs, the managers (most often men) who have nominated the women participants join us for 3 major topics: What is Leadership?, The Missing 33%™ and Make the Most of Mentoring™. It's an effective way to address several gender dynamics - including the powerful one we call "Men's Culture of Mentorship/Sponsorship."

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Make the Most of Mentoring: Drucker Loves CAKE!

PIE MentoringIn Dan Rockwell's recent blog revealing Peter Drucker's 9 Functions of a Mentor, Rockwell lists 9 things a mentor should do. I wondered if he and, by extension, famed leadership theorist Drucker, were offering up CAKE or PIE Mentoring™ ideas.

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Recipes for Mentoring Success: CAKE and PIE

CAKE PIE MentoringIn general, it is a mentor’s job to help her protégé position herself to achieve career success and the protégé’s job to work with her mentor to achieve career goals. When it comes to career success, our research indicates that men and women speak differently about mentors and their roles. Understanding this difference will help engage managers and executives as better mentors (and women as stronger protégés).

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