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Why Mentoring Matters to Women

In the U.S. January is national mentoring month. While the month focuses on mentoring youth, we want to focus on mentoring women at levels from emerging to senior. There are two major reasons.

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Election Thoughts, The Missing 33% is Still Missing and MORE!

Is The Missing 33%™ Still Missing?

Audiences often wonder if The Missing 33% research is still relevant, after all, it began in 2000. Well...

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Great! A Business Imperative. Now what do I do?

In a recent blog, I mentioned a story about a group of 72 companies who have committed to making gender diversity a business imperative, with accountability for it within the senior executive team.

This story has caused quite a bit of commotion in social media and we’ve seen a lot of questions popping up in LinkedIn: “How are they planning on preparing the women for leadership?” “What will they do differently?” “How will they identify what needs to be done (so I can emulate it)?

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Making Gender Diversity a Business Imperative?

Leading Women  Appearing on the set of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

In an interview on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® that will be airing this coming weekend, Leading Women’s CEO Susan Colantuono was asked the question: “If you had one piece of advice to give to a CEO, what would it be?

She answered, “As a CEO, or as an executive or director for that matter, if women aren’t proportionately represented throughout your organization, you aren’t facing a women’s issue — you’re facing a talent development issue with business implications. And so it’s important to bring your personal commitment and the same level of organizational accountability to that challenge as you would to any business issue.

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Top 6 TED Talks on Women's Advancement and/or Leadership

6 TED Talks for Leadership Development and Career Success for Women

We searched TED for the most viewed, most fascinating, most informative talks on women in business and on leadership and created a list of TED Talks that everyone should watch. 

Here's our list. Continue reading to see why!

  1. Why we have too few women leaders
  2. Dare to disagree
  3. The career advise you probably didn't get
  4. What it takes to be a great leader
  5. So we leaned in... now what?
  6. Color blind or color brave? 

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Why is everyone STILL talking about Gender Diversity?

Most executives believe the "gender problem" isn't real. And many wonder why we're still talking about it.

I recently read two reports on Gender Diversity published by McKinsey& Company: Women in the Workplace 2015, and The CEO’s Guide to Gender Diversity, that illustrate how real it is and why it hasn't been fixed.

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Gender Dynamics: The Culture of Mentorship

PIE MentoringWe work hard with clients to engage managers and executives in actions to close the leadership gender gap. During one of our multi-month leadership programs, the managers (most often men) who have nominated the women participants join us for 3 major topics: What is Leadership?, The Missing 33%™ and Make the Most of Mentoring™. It's an effective way to address several gender dynamics - including the powerful one we call "Men's Culture of Mentorship/Sponsorship."

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Leading Women's Uncommon Advice is Going Global

Closing the Leadership Gender Gap

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Millions of Views

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Gender Dynamics and Talent Decisions: Partnering with Men

Kudos to three of our clients, Turner Construction, DHL Global Forwarding EMEA and Alcatel-Lucent. Here's why:

As part of its program for high potential women, Turner invited executives and the women's managers to presentations on The Missing 33%™ and the importance of PIE Mentoring™. Both sessions gave the managers insights into the subtle ways that men are often groomed for senior positions, but women aren't.

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