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Happy Labor Day and Start of Fall


Happy Labor Day to all of our friends in the United States! And happy start of Fall to the rest of friends around the world. Yes, yes, I know that Fall actually begins on 23 September, but we all know in reality by tomorrow you will be back into the normal swing of things and that Summer is over. Now that you are back at your desks and starting to plan for next year, we at Leading Women would love to be there to help support your organization close the leadership gender gap.  

Leading Women's proprietary research creates innovative solutions that deliver unique insights, actionable tools and a business focus. Consultation, live programs, online content and virtual interventions will move your organization forward in 3 major areas:

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What You Really Need to Know to Get to the C-suite!

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In advertising, it's the transition from managing the client to
managing the business.
In construction, it's the transition from managing the project to
managing the business.
In professional services firms it's the transition from delivering client services to
advancing the business by revenue generation.
In your company, it is likely the transition from managing managers to
running a business.
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What's Wrong with What Women are Taught About Networking?

Women are often told that building a strong Network is a key to moving up in their career. But what they are being told is incomplete. In our brand new infographic we examine what's wrong with what women are taught about networking and the Leading Women difference! 

Networking Infographic2


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Making the Case for Women's Initiatives

barriers to women's advancement

In spite of decades of research identifying organizational barriers to women's advancement and strong business cases for getting more women into leadership positions, we continue to run into organizations (sadly often HR executives) who resist calls to take action to close the gender gap.

One organization we know of treated their women's initiative leaders in the same way that our colleagues were treated back in the 1970s (when women's initiatives WERE a "futuristic social experiment").

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Taking Women To the Top: Going Beyond "Mired in the Middle"

women leadership

In advertising, it's the transition from managing the client to managing the business.

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