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Industries Where Women are Making Big Strides toward Leadership Positions

Today's blog post comes from our friend Nicole Worthington. Nicole is a business and investment columnist who has written extensively on financial management and women in business.

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Happy Labor Day and Start of Fall


Happy Labor Day to all of our friends in the United States! And happy start of Fall to the rest of friends around the world. Yes, yes, I know that Fall actually begins on 23 September, but we all know in reality by tomorrow you will be back into the normal swing of things and that Summer is over. Now that you are back at your desks and starting to plan for next year, we at Leading Women would love to be there to help support your organization close the leadership gender gap.  

Leading Women's proprietary research creates innovative solutions that deliver unique insights, actionable tools and a business focus. Consultation, live programs, online content and virtual interventions will move your organization forward in 3 major areas:

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Male Allies in STEM: How to Recognize Them & How to Become One


This blog is a departure in this way. Because it is a capstone for one of our Reverse Mentoring programs, it is a compilation of articles written by women and men on what it takes to be a great male ally for women in STEM. And rather than focus on who male allies are, the positions they hold or an academic definition of the term "male ally," here we focus on what male allies (and others) do to support the creation of level playing fields for women (especially those in STEM).

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Here is a Key to Closing the Gender Gap at the Top... Gender Dynamics

 Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Here's a fact about closing the leadership gender gap that might surprise you.

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These Are the Best U.S. Cities for Working Women in 2018

Today's blog post comes from our friends Brittney Laryea & Kali McFadden at MagnifyMoney & Lending Tree. Their new study focuses on the best U.S. cities for working women in 2018. They used the 50 largest metros to figure out where the average working woman has the best (and worst) opportunity for equal pay and advancement in the workplace.

Do you live in one of these metro areas? 

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How Will You Observe Equal Pay Day? 

Equal Pay Day in the United States is 10 April this year, but what does this actual mean? On the surface it means that the average woman in the United States needs to work 15 months to earn the same amount that their male peers earn in 12. But this does not paint the full picture. 

Photo courtesy of

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International Women's Day 2018 - #PressforProgress


2018's International Women's Day campaign theme is #PressforProgress.

"Individually, we're one drop but together we're an ocean. Commit to a "gender parity mindset" via progressive action. Let's all collaborate to accelerate gender parity, so our collective action powers equality worldwide."

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Empowering Women in the Workplace

Just in time for International Women's Day, Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announced an exclusive story featuring our CEO and Founder, Susan Colantuono. Susan will be discussing the importance of closing the gender gap that exists within various industries, sectors and companies on Sunday, March 4, 2018 (check your local listings for times)

Photo Credit: Leading Women Appearing on the set of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®
photo credit: Leading Women Appearing on the set of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®
Watch Susan Colantuono on  Worldwide Business with kathy ireland
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3.5 Million Views and Counting...

Views as of 22 January 2018 It has been a little over 4 years since Leading Women CEO, Susan Colantuono, took the stage at TEDxBeacon Street and we are happy to announce that 'The career advice you probably didn't get' has now surpassed 3,500,000 views! 

We would like to take this time to thank you for your support of Leading Women and your commitment to closing the leadership gender gap. 

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Let’s Stop Talking About “Female” Leadership Traits


Recently, a podcast host asked me if I’d be interested in doing an interview on gender differences in leadership styles. More specifically, the host wanted me to chat about how women are much more inclusive leaders than men. On the surface, this seems like a positive development for women, and something that’s worth crowing about. It’s also got a lot of traction: viewing women as more inclusive leaders seems like something that will finally get them into the C-suite en masse, no?

I declined.

No matter how positive it might seem on the surface to point out the “innate” characteristics of female leaders, it never leads to the kind of change we want. Read on to learn about the sinister side of gender essentialism, and how defining women leaders differently doesn’t serve them.

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