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Global Solutions: Program Highlights from 2018


Leading Women works with global corporations helping them understand and remove the barriers in place preventing women from reaching senior leadership roles. Here are some highlights from this year featuring a few of the different programs we have facilitated: 

Brussels, Belgium:  

Leading Women ran a two day Breakthrough Leadership Program for a group of high potential senior managers (Director & VP Level) at Ansell. The program focused on strengthening their strategic and financial acumen enabling them to be seen in succession conversations as viable candidates for executive positions. 


Sri Lanka: 

Leading Woman ran two focus groups in Sri Lanka for a global manufacturing company, one for woman and the other for men, to develop action-oriented gender dynamics workshops that are specific to their company. 

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Xiamen, China: 

Another set of Leading Woman focus groups took place in Xiamen, China for the same global manufacturing company, one for woman and the other for men, to develop action-oriented gender dynamics workshops that are specific to their company. 

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 Istanbul, Turkey: 

Leading Women lead a women's leadership program for DHL. Participants came from all over the Middle East and Africa and represented 14 counties.

Quote from one of the participants in our
women‘s leadership program in Istanbul: 

“I’m feeling so equipped right now“


Budapest, Hungary:  

In June, Leading Women trained a second group of global facilitators from Nokia to deliver our unique and actionable gender dynamics workshops. Participants came from all over the globe and represented 12 countries. 

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Hong Kong, China:  

Leading Women was in Hong Kong recently opening a two part Breakthrough Leadership Program for an international group of high potential managers for a global supplier of semiconductor-based solutions. 

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 New Jersey, USA: 

Leading Women ran a two day leadership program in NJ for a global communications and technology leader. This program lays the foundation for future leadership success by providing key tools and knowledge for making the transition from individual contributor to manager of individuals. Here are some of the thoughts our participants had after the program: 



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