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Today's blog post comes from our friend Meredith Wood over at Fundera. 

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If you thought work from home days and instant messaging at work were the only changes coming to the modern workplace, you might just be surprised. Millennials now make up a large portion of today’s workforce, and a new generation is on the horizon. Generation Z is the latest wave of professionals to hit the job market. Born in 1997, most have no memory of a world without cell phones, and carried iPhones in their pockets as young as 10 years old. This brings many business leaders and managers to wonder: how will the workplace continue to change? While Gen Z is still fairly young, there are already some distinctive differences between them and earlier generations.

It’s clear that they’re more technologically savvy than most of their older peers — even the millennials. Because of innovations like Skype and FaceTime, they actually prefer face-to-face (of fact-to-screen) communication to email or messaging. Their tech skills come at a price, though: their attention spans are some of the shortest ever seen. This can make them great researchers and multi-taskers, but means they’re also more likely to hop jobs than others.

To prepare for a new generation means continuing to be flexible. While generalizations can be made about the workplace’s youngest generation, adapting to them will depend on empathy and understanding on an interpersonal level. To learn more about how to get your workplace ready for Gen Z, check out the infographic below by Fundera:

 Gen Z Workplace from Fundera

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