Leading Women's Solutions are Closing the Leadership Gender Gap in Companies Like Yours

In Brief

Leading Women is one of the world's premier consulting firms for companies committed to closing the leadership gender gap and achieving their goals for women's advancement. Its proprietary research is the basis for innovative solutions that deliver unique insights, actionable tools and a business focus. HR, Learning and Development, Diversity & Inclusion and IWiN* clients around the globe have deployed Leading Women's live, virtual and online solutions.

Leading Women provides solutions in 3 distinct service areas:

  • Developing women leaders at every level.
  • Leveling the playing field for women - including gender dynamics (unconscious bias and the impact on talent decisions) education for managers AND analysis of talent and performance systems for hidden gender bias.
  • Ensuring higher return on investment for IWiNs.

*IWiN - Internal women's initiatives, ERGs, affinity groups, networks, etc.

Our Background

Since 2003, Leading Women has been providing what organizations need in order to meet their goals for the advancement and retention of women and what women need to succeed from career-start to the C-suite and onto corporate board. But the roots go much further back. CEO, Susan Colantuono has been working to advance women in organizations for over 30 years. In an interview for WE Magazine for Women she said, "Since childhood I've worked for women's equality and advancement - sometimes more directly than others. I don't feel like I chose my profession, rather I believe that it chose me."

With a mission to inspire, power and honor the success of women in organizations, Leading Women offers uncommon programs, online resources, events and services that help companies and individual women overcome the barriers to career progress.

Leading Women's array of solutions are designed to close the gaps between what most leadership programs teach and what women need to learn in order to move up. Colantuono says, "We take a totally fresh look at topics such as leadership, mentoring and strategic networking. And while the topics might sound familiar, our approach to each is unique. That’s why one recent survey indicated that over  86% of women who attend our leadership programs are promoted or given additional responsibility."

Leading Women proudly partner with companies including AIPSO, Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia), Amgen, Ansell, AT&T, DHL, Digitas, GTECH, IPG, MetLife, Mitre, Moss Construction, Nokia, ON Semiconductor, Pfizer, Prudential Retirement, Turner Construction and Verizon to overcome the common barriers to women's advancement.  Live programs, online modules and Self-Managed Solutions™ deliver high quality content to women around the country or around the world at an economical cost. Cutting-edge mentor/protege and leadership programs power up the success of women at all levels. Leading Women prepares emerging leaders with Ready, Set, LEAD!; Purpose, Power, Presence™ cultivates middle managers, Leadership Mastery™ strengthens senior managers and C-level women prepare for director positions with Women on Boards™.